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Courchevel Fendi skiwear

Nothing is quite as it seems in Courchevel, the jewel in the Trois Vallées ski region. The trees that line the quaint Rue de la Croisette (for this is a Cannes in the clouds) glitter with frost, but a closer inspection reveals they’re of the faux variety – nothing as messy as mulchy leaves here.

The twee wooden chalets might seem pure Grimms fairy tale, but these are internationally renowned five-star hotels, and the oozing raclette and topsy-turvy charm of L’Anerie restaurant (washing is strung across the ceiling’s beams) belies the fact that A-listers beat a path to its door. A stone’s throw away,the charming facade and oak awning of the Fendi store look as if they might belong to a village boulangerie, were it not for the high-voltage fashion within. Designed by Milan-based Dimorestudio, this is Fendi’s new emporium devoted to all things ski in Courchevel 1850, the highest point in the Courchevel constellation of villages. Fendi store Courchevel The new Fendi store in Courchevel Despite the deceptive rusticity of the environment, inside it’s a glossy, contemporary space. Pale larch wood, gleaming brass and padded walls in soft tones of sage green and marble grey create a calming atmosphere, the wintry tones mirroring the hues of the French Alps. A Charlotte Perriand daybed and vintage dressers addamore boudoir-esque touch – the marriage, says Fendi CEO Pietro Beccari, of two cultures: “For our first boutique in Courchevel we wanted to blend Italian savoir faire and design with a French flair.”  By Stephen Doig 11 NOVEMBER 2017 • 7:00AM 

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