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Courchevel Reopen Hotel le Melezin

Aman Le Melezin reopens with the launch of a new Spa and NAMA Restaurant On 15 December, Aman Le Melezin will reopen for the alpine ski season and mark its 25th anniversary by unveiling a new holistic 800 square metre spa, dedicated to rebalancing both body and mind. Following the recent refurbishment of all rooms and suites in 2016, the new spa will bring two summer seasons worth of works to a close and will provide an extensive wellness sanctuary for guests to ensconce themselves after an exhilarating day on the slopes. Aman Le Melezin ext Additionally, to mark this milestone anniversary, Aman Le Melezin will launch Nama, the culinary concept introduced by Aman earlier this year when it was inaugurated at Amanpuri, which celebrates finely crafted Japanese cuisine under the guidance of master chef Keiji Matoba. The new spa at Aman Le Melezin will comprise two new floors, the construction of which saw the entire building temporarily placed on stilts, an architectural and engineering endeavour that has never before been attempted in Courchevel. On one of the two floors will reside the new spa with five spacious treatment rooms including two double suites and one signature Thai massage suite. A hammam will also be installed to offer guests a menu of Turkish wellness experiences including warming and soothing hot stone massages, and energising Himalayan salt scrub experiences. Aman Le Melezin pool A newly installed yoga studio will be located adjacent to the spa and will offer early morning pre-ski sessions to prepare and stretch the body for the day's activity. Evening classes will focus on releasing tension and stretching the muscles used during skiing. The studio will be equipped with state-of the-art TRX equipment, used to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability, all of which are instrumental to improving ski skills. Private yoga sessions can be arranged for those who desire more focused attention. The second floor will host the wellness area which will consist of experiential showers to stimulate the body's circulatory system and oxygen intake, a cold plunge pool to relieve swelling and remove lactic acid after strenuous exercise, a relaxation lounge, a Capri-stone hammam and a wooden sauna. Located a few steps away and flanked by Jacuzzis, a tranquil 14-metre lap pool will lie beneath vaulted ceilings between white pillars and mirrored walls providing a calm environment to swim and soak. The Aman Spa menu has been carefully curated to offer treatments that will focus on providing nourishing heat and moisture following exposure to the wind and cold. Guests will have the chance to prepare for their time on the slopes with a pre-ski massage to improve circulation, increase muscle and tendon elasticity, all of which reduce the chance of injury on the slopes whilst a treatment post-ski will help to break down the build-up of lactic acid that can occur when muscles have worked hard, and reduce the onset of muscle soreness. Chambre Ski Piste with hot tub For those looking for complete indulgence, the Melezin Signature Spa Journey will combine dry brushing to boost circulation, a tension-releasing hot stone and oil massage and a calming facial designed specially to counter the winter Alpine elements. A further addition this year is the introduction of a Children's Club, offering youngsters aged three to 15 a communal space to socialise after ski school. Three different chalets located adjacent to and designed to mimic the interiors and aesthetic of Aman le Melezin, will give youngsters the opportunity to take part in arts and crafts, a variety of social games, and interactive cooking demonstrations where they will be able to bake and decorate their own cookies and cakes. Alongside hot chocolate and a special children's afternoon tea, a range of healthy snacks and fruits will also be served. The Children's Club will be supervised and open until 10pm each evening, giving parents the chance to enjoy an intimate dinner with the knowledge that their children are being looked after by professionals in a safe environment. After day spent on the slopes, both guests of Aman le Melezin and non-residents will be warmly welcomed to Nama, Aman's newly launched culinary concept which follows the Japanese tradition of washoku, a UNESCO recognised traditional dining experience which translates to harmony in food. Making its mark on Courchevel's buzzing restaurant scene and under the guidance of master chef Keiji Matoba who has been the mastermind behind the concept, Nama's menu will comprise authentic and uncomplicated Japanese dishes including sushi and sashimi alongside highlight dishes such as succulent wagyu beef and otoro tuna. Drawing inspiration from the snowy terrain of Courchevel, Nama's menu at Aman Le Melezin will also feature a range of warming ramen dishes, each made with a hearty base of either Shoyu (Soy sauce), Shio (salt), or Miso (soybean). 

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